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Existence is Futile

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wren thumbnail
wren a great second project, production is insane as is the lyrical content Favorite track: Tomorrow Will Be Wonderful.
ihearttokissthecooter0 thumbnail
ihearttokissthecooter0 I admit that the album cover got my attention and I bought it without even giving it a listen....I am a star trek/star wars fan.....
And yes they coexist peacefully in my mind....What can I say?...I'm just a phaser/blaster kind of guy....And it's NEVER set to stun.... That being said... I ♥️ this album much. Solid song writing... great delivery.... An excellent addition to the hip hop side of my collection..... " I spend too many days alone..."
🎧🌳🌳🚬🔥🔥💭💭 Favorite track: Faces Places.
brainwavve_listens thumbnail
brainwavve_listens Another killer release by this fire duo! Favorite track: Stowaways ft. Clifton Dukes.
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Scuare: Oh you wanted and more then yea Scuare and no1mportant yea Bet you cant even afford it yea Got your vision all distorted yea Yall just children aint worth it yea We the only one’s that workin yea We’re the only one’s get it Ya’ll kidding Ain’t even found the dam surface yet Hold up Takin itt back in the fold Heard you been actin a fool yea Hold On to time as time flows yea I decline to fly low yea Drop a rhyme that rip apart the climate yea I’m the kind to try both You the kind to try to live fast Guess its time die slow then no1mportant: You look ready to die You planning to make it by handing yo tape out while standing adjacent and waiting in line Pay us no mind We made it up for you If you paying attention we paying it forward you playing for mentions then pray to yo Lord that he make it a mission to take you aboard Make a decision and maybe record Yeah make an incision that baby abort it Scuare: undefined by my foes I’ll just learn as I go Undermining my goals I’ve finally come to terms with my woes I’ve found undeterred the tied rolls Alabama There’s gone be some lulls That’s some weeks at most Thats something we suppose I just need get close no1mportant: We not concerned We not believe if not seen and not heard Weep not for me if I seek and not learn We not beneath it we been on this earth ....seem like a dream pass birth ....can't see what it means that's worth ....I can cease all belief that hurts But it seems in sea of deceit that's worse Scuare: Hold er Im in need to know disorder Find me bleeding on a corner Yea hold up I won’t meet another quota I just need to find a motive Yea Hold it My belief and act toward it I’ve been feeding that shortage Showed them I’m just breathing that cold in Cant defeat it just own it s’all prone to unfold no1mportant: I'm coming in low Hunting I'm plunging up under the snow Hungry for something that's sudden to summon I'm someone impatient I'm stuck in this pose Nothing to say til I'm done with this prose Rushing to make it like 2nd and goal Fuck what you say you do Fuck what you know Shut up away with you Run to your holes
Faces Places 02:48
Scuare: I dont’ know why Never stay near Face to the back Let the head space clear Pace to past for the best days here Better check their ears I suggest they hear Listen to changes Flip through the phases Anticipate when to stick to the pages Hands to the place where you get when you’re spacin Answer the wait with a dip in the patience pra That’s about it with this hate shit Ah That’s about miscommunication Ah That’s about livin in a state where the flaws that you fix take you back basics yea Why am I chasin Find a better place let the walls be adjacent Funny how Now I’m done running down Crowds all coming out But it all feeling vacant Everyone somehow feeling ok I’m lookin down wonderin why I guess when its been long day Hold on to the Comfort that come from a lie Still doubt how comfortable I am Letting go of youth the writings on Walls are closing, choose, the timings wrong All this hope that you’ve been dining on Or fail to cope with what you decided Walk through this island Talk to the silence Til the top or the bottom never used as guidance I dont want to think about it cause I’m too defiant No dog in the race when you choose to triumph My shoes a tied And my views tighter Might cruise at times so why choose to fight it no1mportant: Too many days alone I can't be bothered anymore by Time, space I hate to think about it I am out of the race Sing about the missing out on good days Eating out and drinking down the coolaid Pray about it just stay grounded you say Just put down the down and outter charade Ran out of powder now cut down my intake Ain't been bout it since I'm Bout It been played Out of my way You out of my weight class I don't mind waiting to make it But make that shit last Daydream away all dismay that I have Ain't made it this far just to stay in the past Lay in the pasture Grazing, awaiting the rapture Staying in place till the base of this sapien race meet the fate that awaits catch a blaze & collapse I am just matter converted to make it feel worth it to be introverted I am not mad or concerned with the blatent diversion to see in the curtains amazing that grace it don't make up for strife new faces and places would make it a life Yeah, Make it alright Maybe tomorrow you'll make up your mind Maybe the sorrow will cease and desist Why make up your bed if you're never inside Why sing to a crowd you can't seem to convince Why make up the rear when ahead of the line (I swear I'll be fine) Why sleep on yourself when ahead of your time Why need someone else's investment to wrestle your wreckage and settle your steady decline? Chat Conversation End Type a message...
Inner Limits 01:24
no1mportant: These Hopes and dreams they come and go away They try to break them I say no way I always blame it on them Impose my shame upon them But who are they I call them Stowaways Simmer down simmer down You will never make it you are bound to the ground They will not embrace it cuz your sound it confounds their emotions in a moment switch around into doubts, Shut up . You cannot keep this shit up. You have no reason to be in this rut. You ain't seen shit you ain't even begun to compete with completing your reaching the sun. Reap the prize it's endearing. Then Seek reprise of them feelings. I'd be surprised if I reached the sky but I need to try to be near it. (Bitch I got low expectations) Oh solar rays can you shine a bright light on these poor Stowaways? They just riding inside but not driving the train I am tryin to collide they not wanting the same. What do you say to a wannabe savior that wants you alive when you wanna be slayed? I may be a ho but don't wanna be saved. I'll brave the unknown til I'm old with a cane. I'm done with the game like I'm 50 Im fixing to fill in the pain with With some more novacane Indie jones on these stowaways riding my brain Cuz Han Solo I'm rolling get off of my plane "Hook" scuare: I aint even really makin money I aint even at a point where I been in running I dont even know If I could leave it all go Try to meet it on road cold night ain’t nothing But the life aint something you take light pain coming with crash an bang til the migraine drumming On the back of my brain And the pipe dream numbing where I’m at I’m insane On the high beam jumping I’ma Give in to the fact that Im never going back pack long for winter Given what I rap Have never been attached Laugh gone with the dinners Putting it on for grinners when the confidence thinner respond with the charm feeling ominous in them I’ll accomplish this con til the content get them Jumping all around the world at a constant rhythm Give a fuck about these stowaways I’ve begun to throw away All these little thoughts won't get distraught I’ve got a show to play I don’t need a lot I need a plot I need to grow today my oddysee is odd dont see the odds they seem to go way when everything just come together Bleed on this stage there’s love forever Feed on this rage get wrung and weathered Let it all just fade and be the one thats saved "Hook"
Lovely Fools 03:18
scuare:Holding that feed in my face No I dont need an escape Hope I dont meet you today Grow to believe in your ways I won’t be leaving this place for your ego’s sake It’ll be ok Not to be so vain To appease you brain Leave some faith and the peace don’t strain With the thoughts that’ll make enemies grow hate when you're working Worth won’t come from a merchant Love’s no sum of your service shame that we searching For angels to surface Word is ain’t no way to be certain Earnest thought is a pain to you puritans Turn this loss into hatred and purge it Turn your back on your faith til you passin away And you grasping to stay on the earth its Its funny now
Scuare: You don't need to like this shit, Just give me what you've got, Don't need enlightenment, Just want your fuckin watch Don't know what time it is, Can't read these old school clocks, And I know, I'll find you on the road (Ain't nobody left doing this shit, ain't nobody left with me) Scuare verse: Used to think that I'd make it Used to think that the truth was in the booth Used to break it down safely Who's to say what they knew, but I guess I Choose to stick to that statement You forget that I'm new to this and broke due to kissing that pavement Scuare: "hook"
Free 03:01


“Existence is Futile” is the sophomore project for Austin based , Scuare and no1mportant.

"In many ways it's a celebration of a loss of ultimate purpose and growth through acceptance.The Star Trek metaphor helps to illustrate that notion through what we think is a pretty comical lens.

Outer Space is often juxtaposed with samples and lyrics that relate to how people view sex and relationships. These themes represent opposing points on the spectrum, and serve as anchors from which to expand."


released February 17, 2017

Artwork by: Otis Supreme






2021, exociety.

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